Reality Crossing

Reality Crossing is an interactive AR simulation of railway and real estate development. The narrative begins in the gallery where the viewer can be one of two characters: a Worker (who must earn wages by laying down train tracks) or a Speculator (who buys property where the train may hypothetically pass, in hopes of maximizing returns on investment). Existing inhabitants of the land are subjected to the incursions.

Along the railway on Bartlett Avenue just south of Geary Avenue, an AR narrator appears and guides viewers through the conclusion of the simulation’s narrative. He reveals a dystopian scenario, in which housing is emancipated from its use value and free to be an asset moved about on a train like any other commodity.

Learning from our past, the artists ask us to consider how we might develop present and future digital infrastructure that prioritize and empower people.

Reality Crossing was exhibited as part of the exhibition Geofenced, curated by Karie Liao for InterAccess (Toronto) in 2021.

This project was made possible through funding from the Ontario Arts Council and SKArts.

Reality Crossing (2021)

Digital print on adhesive vinyl, AR experience, large format print, monitor, digital video work, risograph printed zines

Design by Cat Bluemke, programming by Jonathan Carroll.