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20 January 2019



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You find yourself in the bowels of GIGCO, a sprawling superpower in online retail. By tapping your phone (the abstracted communication through which transportation, commerce and employment all run through) you race across the screen, moving from one conveyor belt to the next. Your nemesis is the automated shipping robot, ready to take your job at any given chance. If you can't maneuver around the robots and complete your task, the lights dim; the warehouse transitions to fully automated machine-vision.


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Looking critically at how technology is shaping the ways we work, Gigco uses gameplay as analogy for civic participation. The rise of the gig/share/app economy has resulted in billions of dollars for company executives, while revealing horror stories of exploited contract workers embedded in the code.

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  • In a world where Amazon, Uber, and Facebook have become one mega-corporation, you need to work, like, and subscribe to stay alive.
  • Defend your minimum-wage job against impending automation in quick-paced gameplay.
  • We all eat - play as four unique characters including men, women, non-binary folk, and furries.
  • Use the meta-app to uncover real world truths about contemporary labour conditions and the opportunities for organization.
  • A striking, generative soundtrack by Toronto-based recording artist and labour professor Ben McCarthy.


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Selected Articles

  • "Life is a headlong stumble through the grey mists of work and toil; a clockwork monotony of lift the box, put the box down. Moments flit before me, reminders of the space between clocking off and clocking on - text messages, fragments of conversations like brilliant fireflies, their dances meaningless on the factory floor."
    - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
  • "I wouldn't call it a fun game. It is frustrating, cruel even. There is no winning. Success yields no special reward — only that you get to keep your job one day longer. Still, I find myself returning to better my score. That's how GIGCO and, to some extent, the labour market it represents gets you.."
    - Chris Hampton, CBC Arts

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Ben McCarthy

Jon Carroll

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